Photo Credit: Sustrans 

23% increase in all traffic travelling 20mph or less

34% increase in the number of residents who felt the street is a place to socialise.

“now walking to the tube station, I can say hello to lots of people”

“Dad used to bring me in the car (to school) because it was not so safe. I now come with Mum either walking or on my bike”

Our Director Fin McNab played a leading role in this project on behalf of the London Borough of Haringey and the charity Sustrans. The focus was to engage the local community and develop and deliver proposals to improve the local neighbourhood.

Working with the local community a plan was drawn up which highlighted proposals for key locations.

Post project monitoring demonstrated strong support for the changes amongst the local community and both traffic volume and speed significantly reduced. 

The scheme was runner-up at the LGN Street Design Awards in the community-led design and pedestrian environment categories.