Photo Credit: Sustrans

I am delighted with the colourfulness of the design. It has brightened a once dull place back up! A lot of people of Peckham back this.
— Resident
I think it is great to utilise unused space, makes an area more interesting and increases a sense of community and a feeling of ownership‘
— Louise - Resident
Streets and small urban spaces make up the majority of the accessible open space in our towns and cities; we need to reclaim these spaces for our communities
— Fin McNab The Guardian June 2014

Inspired by low cost street transformation projects in New York, Fin (our Director) whilst working at the charity Sustrans, conceived a family of projects that reimagined small unloved pockets of urban space as places for people.

The focus was to work with local people to enable them to reclaim these spaces, and by doing so, to re-knit the social and physical fabric of the wider area.

To enable communities to engage and reimagine the pockets, proposals for the spaces were trialled in situ as part of street parties and events.  

With funding from the People's Health Trust and local authorities, Fin's role was to provide strategic direction to the nine projects spread nationwide. 

The images provide a flavour of the projects and are taken in just one pocket from the project in Peckham in London.