‘the city street is at once a line and a labyrinth connecting people and places... a public intersection of life and livelihoods’

Hall. S. (2012) City, Street and Citizen: the measure of the ordinary. 

Every day in the city we cross paths with people from all walks of life. The street is the setting, the place on our journey that takes us to where want to go. A place we travel through day after day, over and over again but where we rarely stop or pause. We see the same people day in day out, a community of sorts, with whom we implicitly rely to look out for us. We don't need to say hello but what would happen if we did?   

Crossing Paths is an experimental project developed by Streets Reimagined that will see local residents and businesses come together to transform a run down and overlooked city-centre space, creating a meeting place for 10 days over May 2017.

Growing and developing over a working week, it aims to intrigue, surprise and interrupt for a moment the daily routine.