Photo Credit: Sustrans

It’s much better, a lot safer now the traffic speed has reduced
— Lyndsey, parent

Ashton Gate School in Bristol is located next to a busy cut-through road and the speed and volume of traffic presented a barrier to those wanting to walk and cycle to school. This was was especially relevant as the school is split across two sites meaning that staff and pupils have to regularly cross the street. 

Led by the school community this project sought to reimagine the street in such a way as to calm traffic and make it a more pleasant environment to cross.  

As part of his role at the charity Sustrans, Fin worked as the designer on this project. In drafting the proposals, he drew heavily on the design themes which had been developed by the school community - which were based on a gothic detail within the school building . 

Working with a very modest budget, the design proposals had to be innovative, low-cost and effective. A surface treatment and planters were used to encourage drivers to slow down and increase awareness of the crossing.